• David Crews


Most people fear being stung by insects, especially bees. If they have ever been stung before then their fear is justified as Honey bee stings can be quite painful. Once you get stung, its hard to forget just how bad it hurt. Some people have an allergic reaction to the sting that can be very dangerous and even deadly if they do not get medical attention quickly. Knowing this increases the fear in people as they are aware they could actually die if they get stung. Bees generally only sting people, or animals if they feel like they are defending their hive. Fortunately though Honey bee stings are a rare occurrence to people in every day life as you usually have to be in the vicinity of an active bee hive to have a chance of getting stung. Worker bees out in the field will not sting a person who happens to be nearby. And bees that are flying around an opening of a hive generally do not care to sting someone in close proximity. Now, common sense dictates that the longer you hang around, the better chance you will get stung. But for the most part the honey bees that populate most of the United states are a Europian variety that is generally known for their calm demeanor and ability to be kept and handled without fear of being overwhelmingly attacked. Enter the "KILLER BEES", otherwise know as Africanized Honey Bees. These bees generally follow the same rules as their Europian counterparts meaning they do not randomly sting people out in the field or even near their hives. However when provoked, these bees attack in force. They are known to be extremely aggressive and can attack a person in the wrong place at the wrong time with such furosity that the person cannot get away or can be harmed by falling or even running into traffic out of an attempt to just "get away" from the attack being launched upon them. Their stings are known to be even more painful than the other species. I live and work with bees in South Mississippi, United States and where I live I am fortunate that the Africanized Honey Bee has not established itself in this area. Past studies have shown that there were Africanized colonies found in Florida and in Texas and they are moving in the direction of Mississippi from each state. Unfortunately it is likely inevitable that the "Killer bee" will finally make it here and establish itself as a threat we will all have to deal with. So far there have been two documented cases of Africanized Honey Bees found in South Mississippi but it was determined that they were swarms that came off of ships in our ports and they were iraticated. I have personally experienced a hive that I believe to have been Africanized bees but it was in Florida, and yes they were iraticated. With all this said, it is not logical to fear the presence of Honey Bees. They are a wonder of nature that should be protected and nurtured, especially or generally calm Europian varieties. So, if you find that you have a colony of Honey bees astablished in your home or other building or see a swarm, don't panic. Call an expert bee removal specialist to deal with them. This will help preserve our good bees and help eliminate the bad ones.

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